Pediatric Program

Hospital stays, surgeries and tests are connected with fear, insecurity, and boredom - especially for children. The young patients often do not know what is happening to them and do not understand the many questions and constant worry. The children are sad because their friends and family cannot be there 24 hours a day. They often feel lonely. No matter how good the medical care is, emotional needs and personal interaction are often neglected in everyday hospital routine.

“Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts.”[1]

As soon as RED NOSES clowns appear in the pediatric ward, the air fills with fun and the children become carefree and happy, just like healthy ones. Transporting the children into a world of jokes, magic and music, and exuding a significant portion of empathy, RED NOSES clowndoctors can make fear and pain quickly be forgotten. They give comfort and hope while bringing a new zest for life, and spice up the hospital room.

RNPS is bringing joy and laughter to more than 13,000 Sick children in hospitals, and more than 26,000 parents and medical staff during one year, in the following hospitals:

  1. Queen Alia Hospital - Hebron
  2. The Huda Al Masri Cancer pediatric Department – Biet Jala Hospital / Biet Jala
  3. The Pediatric Ward at King Husain Hospital – Biet Jala
  4. Augusta Victoria Hospital – Jerusalem
  5. Al Makasid – Jerusalem
  6. Palestine Medical Center – Ramallah
  7. Rafidia Hospital – Nablus
  8. Al Najah National University Hospital – Nablus
  9. Tulkarem Governmental Hospital – Tulkarem
  10. Jenin Governmental Hospital –Jenin
  11. Jericho Governmental Hospital - Jericho

[1] Article 27 (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Our Activities are

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