On Stage Program

To bring joy and laughter not only for sick people in the hospitals, but also to reach out the public, and give them pure enchantment and laughter, RNPS produced the first clowning show for adults in the Middle East “Warsheh” Show.


About “Warsheh”show:

“Warsheh Show is the first clowning show for adults, where Simsim the Construction foreman and his workers Ikwe and Za’tar will take us through an exploration building trip.

Simsim is busy organizing, and architecting the building he is responsible for. But there is something else going in his mind all the time, what is it????

Simsim has professional construction workers like Ikwe and Za’tar, who really try to help him in achieving his goal that even Simsim himself doesn’t know it, however, the goal doesn’t seem to be easy!

What is Simsim’s goal, and how he is planning to achieve it???

Come and join the construction foreman Simsim and his workers Ikwe and Za’tar during their building and researching process to achieve that ultimate goal!”


RNPs is aiming to tour this show around locally, regionally, and internationally.