Quality and Training

As the fulfilment of our mission is entirely dependent on the quality of our artists, one of the RED NOSES main objectives is to educate and train artists who can work in complex and sensitive environments.

RED NOSES Palestine‚Äôs strategy in developing and maintaining high artistic quality standards and constantly investing in the training of artists implements a solid and uniformed curriculum. This curriculum is a part of a full certification program, where all RNPS Clowndoctors have to pass 480 training hours in four fields of study (Artistic, Healthcare, Communication, and Psycho-Social).

The RED NOSES group seeks to remain in the vanguard of artistic quality by providing the best education and effective trainings for its clowndoctors.

In 2016, RNPs started the accreditation process. This accreditation aims to certify all RNPs clowndoctors so that they could provide the highest artistic quality for the benefit of the patients in Palestinian hospitals.


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