Who We Are

RED NOSES Palestine started in 2010 as a project, after recognising the immense needs of the local population, which require both emergency and long-term approaches, in 2012, RED NOSES Palestine was officially founded as a subsidiary artistic organisation of RED NOSES International.

Essential health services are not easily available to the Palestinian population in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Children in hospitals are often alone; their families are unable to visit and stay with them, which causes critical problems for the sick child and can even inhibit the healing process of the little patients.

By bringing humour and laughter into Palestinian hospitals, our team of clowndoctors boost the resistance and willpower of their patients. As clowndoctors take their patients’ individual needs and interests into consideration, the result is a special connection between the patient and the artist. The patient’s response is an elevation of mood coupled with enchantment and laughter.

An array of laughter studies show that laughter releases endorphins and therefore has a positive effect on the general well-being, strengthening the immune system and the psyche, easing pain and tightening social bonds.

General Objective:

The empowerment of patients in hospital with coping strategies to better deal with their situation in hospital thereby minimising their stress levels during hospitalisation is our primary concern. The concept of therapeutic clowning is very effective as the clowns are specialists for regaining childlike vitality and for assuming a positive attitude in a conflict situation.

What We Do:

Professional performing artists are specially trained as hospital clowndoctors.

Teams of two clowndoctors make regular clown visits to hospital wards once or twice a week.  Giving individual treatment as they visit their patients from bed to bed, they bring lots of laughter and brighter moments to the serious, real-life problems the patients are encountering.

A bridge between humour and health treatment is successfully created, increasing the quality of life and the well-being of those in medical care.




Our Activities are

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